Seachange Foundation


The Seachange Foundation will cease to operate as a registered charity from September 2018.  The Directors have unfortunately had to come to this decision after 13 years of helping the poorest of the poor lift themselves out of extreme poverty through the miracle of microcredit.

It is unfortunate but understandable that in recent times, the regulatory requirements of running a charity has been elevated to an unprecedented level.  However, this new reality has led to a significant demand being put on our minimal resources and has proved a difficult marriage with the low-to-no cost voluntary philosophy for how we operate and manage Seachange.

As you will know Seachange was founded in early 2005 - The founders were motivated to help communities destroyed in the horrible tsunami in South East Asia. Seachange’s primary focus has always been to raise funds and awareness for Microcredit with an underlying philosophy that all the funds raised would go to worthy causes across the world. We are very proud that.

We have raised significant funds and thanks to the generosity of our donors and volunteers who helped raise these funds, in excess of €1m has been distributed over the years to very deserving and well-run projects in Haiti, Kenya, India and elsewhere. Given the nature of many of these projects, that money remains at-work lifting families out of extreme poverty.

We have raised lots of awareness as is evidenced by the large number of donors and support throughout the years.

We have helped thousands of impoverished people and their families out of extreme poverty with micro-loans, education and other supports.

The charity has been run by a group of committed unpaid volunteers in complete compliance with the Charities Regulator and with a clean set of accounts - all funds raised have been distributed directly to designated and worthy causes.

We want to thank most sincerely all our generous donors, supporters and volunteers who have contributed over the years – we can collectively be very proud of the difference Seachange has made!